LI, Cheong was born in Macau and grew up in Hong Kong. He studied at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, gaining his BA (2002) and Master of Music Composition (2004), under the supervision of Prof Victor Chan. He learnt the piano with Dr. Cheng Wai and erhu with Ms. Hsin Hsiao Ling. Recently he obtained his PhD in Composition (2014) at the University of York, under the supervision of Prof Roger Marsh.

His recent compositions include Impermanance for chamber choir (2011-13), of which the first movement Ivit, Ivit was performed by the 24 (2011); Responses (2011) for dizi (chinese flute) duets with ensemble, premiered in Hong Kong Arts Festival 2011 by Chan Chi Chun and Chan Chi Yuk; Drumming Ridge for dizi and string quartet, premiered by Ricky Yeung and Fulcum Point New Music Project at Chicago (2010); Milky Way (2005) performed by Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. His past compositions have been performed by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Windpipe Chinese Ensemble, King’s Harmonica quintet and others.

In his recent pieces, Li explores music that blurs the boundary between composition and improvisation. His Impromptus I-IV explores improvisation for different instrumentations. Impromptu II (2011) for alto flute and live electronics was performed in the Soundscape Festival at Maccagno and ISCM World Music Days 2013 at Vienna. Schönbop (2011) for Threads Orchestra and Nothing Left is Right (2013) are his jazz-oriented pieces. He is also interested in electroacoustic music. His sound installation Playground (2011) which triggers sound by means of motion tracking was presented during York Spring Festival of Contemporary Music (2011).

Li is also interested in music theatre and music for dance. Alice (2010), performed by students of the Ying Wah Girls’ School and The DGS Girl (2005) are two of his full-length musicals performed in Hong Kong. He has also collaborated with dancers from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds for two short dance theatres, When the Structure Softens (2009) and This is a Game (2012).

Besides composition, he also performed as an erhu (Chinese two-string fiddle) player in the ensemble o/f[or] during Axiothea Cultural Festival in Nicosia, Cyprus (2013). As an educator, he has taught computer music courses at the Institute of Vocational Education (Kwun Tong, Hong Kong) and he was an instructor of the Centralized Scheme of Music Training for Secondary Students (HKCEE level).

李昌生於澳門,在香港長大,畢業於香港中文大學音樂系,隨陳偉光教授學習作曲,並隨鄭慧博士學習鋼琴、辛小玲女士學習二胡。畢業後從事作曲、編曲及教學的工作,曾任教會考音樂課程,以及在IVE(觀塘)任教電腦音樂課程。近年於英國約克大學隨 Prof Roger Marsh 繼續進修作曲,並於2014年取得音樂博士。

李氏近期的作品有《無常》(2011-13),其中第一樂章《揭諦、揭諦》在2011年由清唱組合The 24演出;笛子二重奏《對歌》(2011) ,由陳子旭、陳子晉在2011年香港藝術節演出的;《打鼓嶺》(2010)等,由楊偉傑(笛子)及美國 Fulcrum Point New Music Project(弦樂四重奏)於芝加哥首演;《銀河》(2005)由香港管弦樂團首演。他過往的作品亦曾被香港中樂團、英皇口琴五重奏、竹韻小集等演出。

李氏除了作曲以外,亦喜歡即興演奏,近期的作品《即興曲 I-IV》探索記譜和即興演奏之間的各種可能,其中《即興曲II》(2011)由中音長笛配合即時互動的電子音樂演奏,在意大利Soundscape Festival首演,並在ISCM 2013現代音樂節在維也納重演。裝置聲音藝術《Playground》(2011)透過視像錄影,以人體動作來控制聲音在空間裏的位置,曾在York Spring Festival of Contemporary Music展出。而《Nothing Left is Right》(2013)與由Threads Orchestra 演出的《Schönbop》(2011)是爵士樂的作品。

李氏亦喜歡為劇場及舞蹈創作音樂,由英華女校同學演出的音樂劇《愛麗斯》(2010)及由拔萃女書院同學演出的《拔萃女孩》(2005)。他亦曾和利茲的北英格蘭現代舞學院(NSCD)的同學合作,為兩首舞蹈小品《When the Structure Softens》及《This is a Game》創作音樂(2009,2012)。作為二胡演奏者,他是實驗民間音樂組合 o/f[or] 的成員之一,曾在塞蒲路斯的 Axiothea Cultural Festival 演出。