Café capriccio

written in 2006
performed by King’s Harmonica Quintet

score (PDF): 1.Mocha, 2.Cappuccino, 3. Espresso

sound recording (MP3): 1.Mocha, 2.Cappuccino, 3. Espresso

Café Capriccio is a suite of three movements written for harmonica quintet. Three types of coffee: “Mocha”, “Cappuccino” and “Espresso” are chosen, each represents love in a different stage. “Mocha”, the sweet and bright waltz is followed by “Cappuccino”, a lazy and sentimental movement written in the style of bossa nova. The final movement “Espresso” is a tango, which combines passion and bitterness. This piece was written during the trip in Vienna and Salzburg in summer 2006. It was premiered by King’s Harmonica Quintet in Musicarama 2006 organized by HKCG.

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Through the Windows

written for woodwind quintet in 2002

Score (PDF)
Demo (MP3)

Through the Windows was premiered by members of Les Six: Izaskun Erdocia (flute), Yiu Song Lam (oboe), Martin Choy (clarinet), Homer Lee (horn) and Chin Hing Sang in New Generation 2002, organized by the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild (HKCG) and RTHK Radio 4. It was awarded the Best Composition prize in the concert.

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