Quartet “Knots”

second movement written in 2001, first movement written in 2002
second movement premiered by Ng Wah-hei, violin; Siu Tin-chi, clarinet;
Amy Cheung, cello; George Ngan, piano
Cultural Activities Hall, Shatin Town Hall,
in Bauhinia Concert, Oct 2002

Score (PDF): I, II
Recording (MP3): I, II

Following the instrumentation of Messiaen’s Quartet for the end of time, this two-movement quartet is written in 2001-02. The agitated, rhythmic second movement is written in 2001 in which the opening four-note motif form the basis for development throughout the quartet. It was preceded by the slow sorrowful first movement which is premiered in Bauhinia Concert 2002 organized by students of music department, CUHK.

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Desert Smoke 大漠孤煙

written in 1999
Premiered by Esther SHEK (Flute), Rachel WONG (Oboe),
Wendy LEE (Clarinet), LI Cheong (Piano)
in City Hall Theatre, Bauhinia Concert, Oct 2000

This version performed by members of Les Six
Izaskun Erdocia, flute; Gordon Yap, oboe;
Martin Choy, clarinet; Nancy Loo, piano
in New Generation concert, organized by RTHK4, May 2001

Score (PDF)
Recording (MP3)

The composer has started writing this piece since form seven and arranged this piece for flute, oboe, clarinet and piano in the first year of university. The title of this composition comes from Wang Wei’s poem “To the Frontier as an Envoy”. It describes a lonely line of smoke arising from the vast desert in the remote north-west which seemed to the travellers a signal of a coming storm.


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