The Poem of Sichuan 蜀國弦

for erhu/zhonghu, dizi/xiao, zhongruan, zheng
commissioned and premiered by Music Rendezvous at HKAPA on 8 Nov 2008


Download score (PDF), mp3



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Letter from the migrating birds 雁字回時

written in 2005
Choo Boon-chong, dizi; Cui Can, zhongruan

Score (PDF)
Recording (MP3)

The title of this piece comes from a poem by the Song poetess Li Qing Zhao (李清照). The wild geese are migratory birds which fly to the south in the late autumn. They fly in flocks that form a pattern that is similar to the Chinese letter of “man” (人). They remind the poetess of her husband who was far away in a distant land, and a sense of lonesome swept over her in the crisp autumn air. This piece is written for dizi and zhongruan (中阮, a 4-string round-shaped lute), performed by members of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Choo Boon-chong (朱文昌) and Cui Can (崔燦).

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