Erhu Sextet “Layer by Layer” 胡琴六重奏《層層疊》

two movements for 4 erhus, 1 zhonghu and 1 cello (or gehu)
premiered by Hulala at HKAPA on 14 Oct 2010

Score (PDF): I, II
Sound Recording (MP3): I, II

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Quartet “Knots”

second movement written in 2001, first movement written in 2002
second movement premiered by Ng Wah-hei, violin; Siu Tin-chi, clarinet;
Amy Cheung, cello; George Ngan, piano
Cultural Activities Hall, Shatin Town Hall,
in Bauhinia Concert, Oct 2002

Score (PDF): I, II
Recording (MP3): I, II

Following the instrumentation of Messiaen’s Quartet for the end of time, this two-movement quartet is written in 2001-02. The agitated, rhythmic second movement is written in 2001 in which the opening four-note motif form the basis for development throughout the quartet. It was preceded by the slow sorrowful first movement which is premiered in Bauhinia Concert 2002 organized by students of music department, CUHK.

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written in 2000
Wong Wai, violin; Jamie Jim, cello; Li Cheong, piano

Score (PDF)
Recording (MP3)

Li wrote this piece in his first year of undergraduate study. It is a short piece in fleeting 6/8 meter exploring modal scales and quartal harmony. Both violin and cello are given a short passage of cadenza. This piece was premiered by Wong Wai, Jamie Jim and Li Cheong in 2000.

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