Coming Events

31 August 2014

Come join us at Eid Concert of Sufi Music, Poetry and Meditation”
Kensington Unitarian Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, Notting Hill Gate, London
Sunday, 31 August, 2014, 6:00 p.m.
featuring Sef Townsend on story telling, Khaled Hakim on Turkish Sufi singing and daf (hand drum), Stanislaw Vidya on kaval (Bulgarian flute) and me on erhu (Chinese fiddle) and piano. I will play an improvised piano piece based on Turkish modes, and a new piece for erhu and live electronics.

Past Events

7 June 2014
Heart Mantras: Chinese Erhu Music and Sufi Poetry
Poetry Cafe, 22 Betterton St, London, WC2H 9BX, 7:30-9:30pm
It is great to play Sufi music together with Khaled Hakim. He has formed Silk Roads, a non-profit arts organization of the best artist-educators specializing in traditions from the Middle-East and beyond.

In this event, he is going to play the daf (Sufi frame-drum) and sing Turkish ilahis (spiritual songs) in the ceremonies of a Sufi Order, which I’m going to perform erhu together. I’m also going to perform some Chinese tunes. It’s truly an amalgam of music and religion from both ends of the Silk Road.

5 June 2014
In the Yococo Summer Concert. I’m going to perform Wong Kong Yu’s Piano Sonatina.
Wong Kong Yu is my fellow classmate in the Chinese University of Hong Kong as well as University of York. His attempts to write in sonata form with folk melodies resulted in this sonatina. It is a delightful piece to play!

28 Mar 2014
The International Music Ensemble of York has done studio recordings for the songs we’ve performed in the previous concert! Check out our Soundcloud channel.

21 Feb 2014
I’ve performed Unsent Letters #1, a half-improvised piano piece in the Yococo Spring Festival.

15 Feb 2014
Performing with Nektarios’ group “o/f[or]” again. This time at Scarborough Arts Gallery, an event presented by Coastival

28 Jan 2014
The International Music Ensemble of York has performed folksongs from Brazil, Greece, Cyprus and Chinain the Music Society’s lunchtime concert series. It’s great fun to play together with my fellow classmates Carlo, Katerina, Nikos, Junfen, Xu Qi, Amelia!

13 Nov 2013

Impromptu II is getting another performance. This time it will be performed by Sylvie Lacroix, alto flute and me on live electronics at Vienna in ISCM World New Music Days 2013.
ISCM 2013 - Solos and Electronics
30 Sep 2013

I’ve finally submitted my PhD portfolio, completed with Impromptu IV for large ensemble and two more movements for Impermance, a chamber choir piece. (The first movement “Ivit, Ivitwas performed by the 24 two years ago.)

The theme of this portfolio is “Between Freedom and Control”. Most of the pieces in this portfolio involve some degrees of improvisation. I’m grateful that during my study in York, I have the chance to work with various performers and developed most pieces through collaboration, sometimes blurring the boundary between improvisation and composition. The process of writing the commentary was like a re-discovery of my music path, I started to understand what has influenced me a lot, and how I developed my style. Thanks for all my friends who read my portfolio and gave me valuable comments!

6 Sep 2013

I performed erhu as a band member of o/f [or] at Axiothea Cultural Festival, Nicosia, Cyprus.

o/f [or] is formed by Nektarios Rodosthenous, an attept to redefine rebetiko and the traditional love song of Cyprus by six musicians, PhD students at the University of York, with different cultural backgrounds (Cyprus, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Poland), who approach the traditional music of Greece and Cyprus, filtering it through jazz, electronic and contemporary classical music, and enriching it with ethnic variations that result in a new intercultural communication of different cultures.

See more photos at of/ [or] live in Cyprus on Radek Rudnicki’s website.

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29 Nov 2012

I’m playing piano in Yococo (York Composers Collective) autumn concert – Arirang Fantasy, a piano trio by Chang Seok Choi.

29 June 2012

a lunchtime concert of traditional and arranged Chinese music, with Jinyu Liu on guzheng, me on erhu and Emily Scaglioni on piano,

22 June 2012

Chimera Electroacoustic Concert – performing Shadow in the Water II with James Cave.

13 June 2012

Yococo (York Composer Collective) Summer Concert. I’m improvising on piano with James Whittle (cello) and Anna Papagiannaki-Divani (voice).

7 June 2012

Total Immersion – a concert at 3Sixty Space @ Ron Cooke Hub with surround sound and video. I’m doing live electronics for Impromptu II for alto flute with Christian Färnqvist and Shadow in the Water II with James Cave

13 May 2012

a new version of Playground is displayed in the Rymer Foyer during York Spring Festival of New Music.