When the Structure Softens

Music for a short dance theatre piece choreographed by Anthony Middleton.
Erhu and electronic music by Li Cheong
Joint project by students of Music Department, the University of York and Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds, UK.

Instructions (PDF)

An erhu soundtrack version:

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The DGS Girl

produced by Diocesan Girls’ School and Diocesan Girls’ Junior School in 2005;
Synthia Ko, conductor and music director
Li Cheong, composer and arranger
Chan Wing-Chuen, director

The musical production “The DGS Girl” tells the history of the Diocesan Girls’ School and the spirit of the school motto, “Daily Giving Service” through the life of a student-turned-teacher, to celebrate the 145th anniversary of Diocesan Girls’ School. Part of the music are newly composed, while part of the music were paraphrased from famous pieces of classical music.

(Recording is not available online at the moment, but welcome to ask me and I could show you some video and audio examples)

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Obsession 沉夢行

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produced by students of Chung Chi College, CUHK in 2001;
Dennis Wu, Alfred Wong, Winnie Tse, Li Cheong,
Zoe Ma, Siu Tin-chi, composers;
Harriet Chung, script writer; s
Noel Yuen, director; Patrick Chiu, conductor;
students from Chung Chi College as lyricists, actors and orchestra

Selected scenes:

Act 1 Scene 1 PDF MID MP3 (1.1a), (1.1b)
Act 1 Scene 6 PDF MID MP3
Act 2 Scene 1 PDF MID MP3
Act 2 Scene 2 PDF MID MP3
Act 2 Scene 4a PDF MID MP3
Act 2 Scene 4bc PDF MID MP3
下載所有歌詞 Download Lyrics:PDF (349 Kb)

It was the 50th anniversary of the Chung Chi College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Students proposed the idea of making a musical and it was supported by the college. Music was composed by students from the music department. The story is about Hang who had revived from a seven-year-long vegetated state. He was betrayed by his friend Keung, a reporter who fabricated the headline of Hang being a cloned man. Scenes selected here include the “Revival of Life” of Hang at the opening, the song of “Headline” at the end of the first act, “Tell Me the Truth” when the reporters accused the doctor of cloning human beings and “The Code of Medicine” when Keung sings about his vision of being a paparazzo.

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