Yggdrasil and Endless Glory 天樹傳說

Yggdrasil (MP3): 1, 2, 3, 5, 6
Endless Glory (MP3): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Yggdrasil is the first suite of music composed for a computer game project by Ross Kei and his friends. The story of the game is about knights in the medieval legends. (more info…)

Endless Glory is the second suite of music composed for a computer game project by Ross Kei, Chan Kwok Kei, Clement Lui and friends. The story of the game is about knights in the medieval legends, following the first project Yggdrasil which was done the year before.

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Obsession 沉夢行

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produced by students of Chung Chi College, CUHK in 2001;
Dennis Wu, Alfred Wong, Winnie Tse, Li Cheong,
Zoe Ma, Siu Tin-chi, composers;
Harriet Chung, script writer; s
Noel Yuen, director; Patrick Chiu, conductor;
students from Chung Chi College as lyricists, actors and orchestra

Selected scenes:

Act 1 Scene 1 PDF MID MP3 (1.1a), (1.1b)
Act 1 Scene 6 PDF MID MP3
Act 2 Scene 1 PDF MID MP3
Act 2 Scene 2 PDF MID MP3
Act 2 Scene 4a PDF MID MP3
Act 2 Scene 4bc PDF MID MP3
下載所有歌詞 Download Lyrics:PDF (349 Kb)

It was the 50th anniversary of the Chung Chi College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Students proposed the idea of making a musical and it was supported by the college. Music was composed by students from the music department. The story is about Hang who had revived from a seven-year-long vegetated state. He was betrayed by his friend Keung, a reporter who fabricated the headline of Hang being a cloned man. Scenes selected here include the “Revival of Life” of Hang at the opening, the song of “Headline” at the end of the first act, “Tell Me the Truth” when the reporters accused the doctor of cloning human beings and “The Code of Medicine” when Keung sings about his vision of being a paparazzo.

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Desert Smoke 大漠孤煙

written in 1999
Premiered by Esther SHEK (Flute), Rachel WONG (Oboe),
Wendy LEE (Clarinet), LI Cheong (Piano)
in City Hall Theatre, Bauhinia Concert, Oct 2000

This version performed by members of Les Six
Izaskun Erdocia, flute; Gordon Yap, oboe;
Martin Choy, clarinet; Nancy Loo, piano
in New Generation concert, organized by RTHK4, May 2001

Score (PDF)
Recording (MP3)

The composer has started writing this piece since form seven and arranged this piece for flute, oboe, clarinet and piano in the first year of university. The title of this composition comes from Wang Wei’s poem “To the Frontier as an Envoy”. It describes a lonely line of smoke arising from the vast desert in the remote north-west which seemed to the travellers a signal of a coming storm.


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written in 2000
Wong Wai, violin; Jamie Jim, cello; Li Cheong, piano

Score (PDF)
Recording (MP3)

Li wrote this piece in his first year of undergraduate study. It is a short piece in fleeting 6/8 meter exploring modal scales and quartal harmony. Both violin and cello are given a short passage of cadenza. This piece was premiered by Wong Wai, Jamie Jim and Li Cheong in 2000.

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Extinguish 熄滅

written in 2000
LI Cheong, Piano
Lee Hysan Concert Hall, CUHK
Bauhinia Concert (Oct, 2001)


Score (PDF)
Recording (MP3)

This piano piece is written during July and August 2000. This piece is much improvisatory in its content. Unrelated, fragmented themes are often juxtaposed successively. Phrases are often incomplete, interrupted by sudden switch of mood. Two extremes of emotions are prevailing in the piece: one is violent, despairing and frustrating; the other is nostalgic and sorrowful. A heavy cluster is played with arms at the end, symbolizing the extinguished hope.


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