Drumming Ridge 打鼓嶺

Drumming Ridge I – for dizi (chinese flute) and string quartet
premiered by Yeung Wai Kit Ricky, dizi; Fulcrum Point ensemble, Chicago, Feb 2010
Score (PDF)

Drumming Ridge II – for dizi, pipa, 2 erhus, zhonghu, cello
Score (PDF)

Ta Kwu Ling, literally “Drumming Ridge”, is a series of hill-tops in the northern area of Hong Kong, close to the border with mainland china. It was said that in the Qing Dynasty, villagers beat a huge drum on the hill top to aleart their fellow villagers to defend against invaders. Later, it has been a major pathway for people who fled to Hong Kong during times of war and famine. In present days, its name is often heard in weather reports since it often experiences the highest and lowest temperatures. As a city in the sub-tropical region, it is rare that frost can be seen in this area in the winter. This piece is written for dizi and string quartet, with a percussive touch and military-like passages that suggests imaginations from its title.


打鼓嶺位於香港北部 ,接壤羅湖邊境。據說清朝時當地的村民為了保護村落,在山上設有戰鼓,每逢有外敵入侵,即鳴鼓以聚集村民抵禦,因而得名。在一些戰爭和飢荒的時期,不少人經打鼓嶺徒步走難到香港。今天我們仍然常常在天氣報告中聽到打鼓嶺的名稱,因為這裏的溫差較大,也是香港少有的地方會出現結霜的低溫。這首曲雖然為笛子和弦樂四重奏創作,但運用類似敲擊樂的音色和激烈的段落,表達作曲者對打鼓嶺的想像。

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