Being Alive

This is one of the Sondheim’s songs that touched me so profoundly.

Someone to hold me too close.
Someone to hurt me too deep.
Someone to sit in my chair,
And ruin my sleep, (my comment: So far all the lyrics are negative)
And make me aware,
Of being alive.
Being alive. (Now the point of view changes!)

Somebody need me too much.
Somebody know me too well.
Somebody pull me up short,
And put me through hell, (When a close relationship breaks up, when something sweet in taste turns sour, isn’t it horrible?)
And give me support,
For being alive.
Make me alive.
Make me alive. (But again, this sentence rounded up the paragraph with hope)

Make me confused. (negatives and positives, dilemma and irony)
Mock me with praise.
Let me be used.
Vary my days.

But alone,
Is alone, (Frei aber einsam, einsam aber frei!)
Not alive.

Somebody crowd me with love.
Somebody force me to care.
Somebody let me come through,
I’ll always be there,
As frightened as you,
To help us survive,
Being alive.
Being alive.
Being alive! (Life is still full of hope, isn’t it? You still wish for someone who can know you too much!)