Capriccio for percussions 隨想曲

written in 2003
performed by JENGA percussion ensemble

score (PDF)
sound recording (MP3)

Capriccio is a piece written for a group of four percussionists, playing glockenspiel, vibraphone, xylophone, marimba, timpani and other percussion instruments. The piece mainly focused on pitched percussion instruments and emphasizes on the harmonic possibilities of a hexatonic scale – C, C#, E, F, G# and A. The first section Andante begins with a mysterious atmosphere, which is then followed by the bright and clear second section Allegretto. The momentary calm and peaceful transition brings the music to the final section Allegro. The set of four timpani, which serves a less important role in the previous sections, is now brought to the foreground. This piece was premiered by JENGA in New Generation 2003 organized by HKCG and RTHK Radio 4.

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